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      Interson is America’s leading ISP offering reliable & stable Internet connection.

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      Our technical support staff is always available to help and assist our customers.

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      Our team also offers highly rated Internet solutions for both individual and corporate use.

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      Service Locations
      Our company serves over 2 thousands of locations including big cities and smaller towns located across the United States.
      More than
      Corporate Clients
      Interson cooperates with a wide range of companies and supplies reliable and high-speed Internet solutions.
      We serve over
      Clients Nationally
      Every year we bring the award-winning Internet services to homes and offices of our numerous clients in all 50 states.


      Our team of IT experts and Internet specialists offers efficient services and solutions that cover a vast range of needs, from Wi-Fi to DSL and fiber optic connection.

      Satellite Internet

      Connect directly to the internet via our satellites without paying for cables.

      Transparent LAN Service

      This service lowers costs for data communications at Ethernet speeds.

      Dark Fiber Service

      Dark fiber service is the process of leasing fiber optic cables.

      Colocation Services

      Get your corporate network protected with our colocation services.

      VoIP & IPTV

      We also offer reliable IPTV and VoIP services for home and office.


      Need a reliable hosting for our website? Interson can provide you with it.


      We provide all our clients with various advantages that not only complement their personal or corporate needs but also allow them to get more without overpaying for Internet services.

      At Interson, we aim to provide top-quality Internet services to a greater number of individual and corporate customers than any other ISP in the USA or abroad.
      Samuel Chapman
      CEO & Founder of Interson
      Variety of Plans

      Thanks to the variety of offered plans, you can easily choose what you need from Interson.

      Increased Speed

      Our Internet connection is highly valued for its outstanding speed and absolute reliability.

      Over 20 Awards

      Our company has received over 20 awards for the quality and dependability of our services.

      Interson is one of the nationally recognized brands established in 1999. Since then, we have been offering internet services across the USA.

      Today, Interson offers wireless and cable Internet service across 50 states to approximately 110 million people. We are the largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Our company provides a variety of plans at different speeds, from 10 megabits per second to 2 gigabits per second. The plans start at a one-year promo rate of $29.99 per month for 10 Mbps, $64.95 per month.

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      Latest Statistical Information

      Our company regularly provides statistical data about the influence and development of Interson network in all states of the US. Here you can take a closer look at some of them.

      With the development of wireless technologies, the number of our clients has significantly increased.





      Our Internet services are built in accordance with the latest standards and technologies that guarantee high upload and download speeds and stable connection.

      Cable Connection


      Wireless Internet


      VoIP & IPTV


      Satellite Internet



      Reliable and Fast Internet Services

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do you provide any scripts with your templates?

        Our templates do not include any additional scripts. Newsletter subscriptions, search fields, forums, image galleries (in HTML versions of Flash products) are inactive. Basic scripts can be easily added at www.zemez.io If you are not sure that the element you’re interested in is active please contact our Support.

      • In what formats are your templates available?

        Website templates are available in Photoshop and HTML formats. Fonts are included with the Photoshop file. In most templates, HTML is compatible with Adobe® Dreamweaver® and Microsoft® FrontPage®.

      • What can I use to pay for my order?

        We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards for your convenience. Some other payment methods are also available.

      • What am I allowed to do with the templates?

        You may build a website using the template in any way you like. You may not resell or redistribute templates (like we do); claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of our products.

      • What do I receive when I order a template?

        After you complete the payment via our secure form you will receive the instructions for downloading the product. The source files in the download package can vary based on the type of the product you have purchased.

      • What are the advantages of purchasing a template?

        The major advantage is price: You get a high quality design for just $20-$70. You don’t have to hire a web designer or web design studio. Second advantage is time frame: It usually takes 5-15 days for a good designer to produce a web page of such quality regardless of its purpose.

      Latest Blog Posts

      Our team regularly publishes articles, news, and updates about Internet technologies as well as updates on special offers and tips from Interson.

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